Product Designer based on Sao Paulo

Bohemia Website

Web Site

Bohemia Brewery, Brazil’s oldest brewery wanted to recreate its website to match a more modern branding and new position on the market, leaving behind its old historical identity. The client’s main request was to focus on their most famous beers and Bohemia’s bar and restaurant located in the factory, in the city of Petrópolis (Rio de Janeiro).

My Role

I was responsible for the entire website's visual identity and lead both web and client service teams. As the brewery is already well established with a clearly defined typography, I tried to use these elements on their website along with a clean and modern visual layout, always focusing on the elements the client had previously pointed out.

The Challenge

Firstly, I had to organize the entire website's content, creating a new navigation that was intuitive and easy to use. Although it was a bit challenging, I managed to keep the visual quality of the vast amount of images and videos of the website on different devices, including mobile phones.

The Result

A functional website with high visual quality even when accessed through mobile phones was created. Also, the website’s loading speed is quite good despite its great number of images and videos. We’ve identified an increasing accessibility from all over Brazil, mostly on pages that highlight beers and specific areas near the factory in Petrópolis.

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