Product Designer based on Sao Paulo

Elizabeth App

Elizabeth App

Elizabeth is a service that aims to make a variety of daily tasks easier for its users. It collects prices of products and compares them, allowing the user to make their purchases spending as little as possible, users can also make their utility bill payments and request shared transportation services. All this can be done through menus or voice interface.

Understanding the Problem

With the option of buying different products in different places (applications, physical stores, websites) it has become increasingly difficult to compare prices and know which stores offer the best ones. In order to meet this need, Elizabeth offers a price comparison service between stores.

Users can buy while being informed of how much a product costs at each store and the discount that they will get for bying using the app. Elizabeth automatically chooses the best prices in each of the locations and sets a complete purchase for the user.

The Result

While creating the app, my main job was to redesign the screens. There was already an application in operation, with some flows and screens but there was no pattern of identity between screens.

A pattern of typography and color was defined and then replicated on the various screens. Some screens have also been improved with some navigation patterns to take advantage of the navigation patterns already known to the users.

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